We understand the importance of encouraging children to eat healthy snacks and meals and adopt healthy diets hence our product lines for the schools are governed by the Victorian Traffic Light system of GREEN, AMBER and RED ratings. Select Food Service are the school specialists in Victoria.

ASCA is a non profit buying and consultancy group with the fundamental objective of being a successful purchasing facilitator for schools. By negotiating favourable discounts from companies supplying schools, ASCA can provide maximum returns to schools.

ASCA Membership

ASCA membership is open to all schools – state, independent or private, and primary or secondary. Schools can choose to be School Members or Full Members, which includes both the School Membership service and the Canteen Membership service.

  • “School Membership Services” provide access to the buying group for general school purchasing and complimentary advisory services.
  • “Canteen Membership Services” include specialist food and beverage purchasing services along with advice about managing effective and profitable canteens.

Our Expertise

ASCA is Australia’s leading buying group for schools. We have a unique combined understanding of the purchasing needs of schools and the capabilities and limitation of suppliers to provide:

ASCA works with market leading suppliers in the following categories:

In the school:

  • Furniture
  • Cleaning and chemical products
  • Paper and stationery
  • School resources such as science equipment
  • Office equipment

In the canteen:

  • Milk and dairy
  • Juice and soft drinks
  • Ice cream and iced tea
  • Snacks
  • Fresh chicken
  • Frozen food and groceries
  • Pies and sausage rolls
  • Bakery


For more information visit the ASCA - Australian School Canteen Association.

  • Access to prices and sizeable discounts on a broad range of key products used by schools, from school furniture, photocopy paper, resources and science equipment. The list of suppliers is expanding weekly.
  • Access to high quality services geared to the school market.
  • Access to the best brands in the market place.
  • Assistance for schools to manage their canteens in a viable and profitable manner.

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